Will you comply with the latest government advice and regulations?

We are monitoring all government advice and regulations on a daily basis to ensure that the experience we provide complies with all regulations and offers a risk-free entertainment experience for all guests.

How many people are allowed in my car?

You may have up to 6 people in your car. Tickets are priced per car not per person.

You will be allocated your own little pitch on arrival to the event. Please remain in the safety of your own pitch unless you need to use the toilet facilities. Please follow the signs to the toilets to enable social distancing guidelines to be followed.

How do I hear the sound?

We have an OFCOM license which enables you to hear the sound through your own car speakers. You will simply have to turn into the FLIX FM frequency when you arrive at the event. This will be clearly shown on site. We have opted for this route as it minimises contact and the risk for contamination from speakers being handed to you on site.

Will I have a good view?

We have strictly limited capacity at each screening so all cars will have a good few. We have spaced out all cars to ensure everyone has a great view whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines. Large cars, small vans and SUVs will be positioned at the sides or back to ensure you don’t obstruct anyone else’s view. Motorbikes, motorhomes and lorries are not permitted.

Can I reverse my car in backwards?

No sorry, due to the emergency exit procedures, all cars need to be facing forward.

Will there be toilet facilities at the event?

There will be individual toilet facilities at the event, these will be spaced out at least 2m apart and the queuing marked to allow for social distancing. There will be hand sanitising facilities and our cleaning team will ensure the toilets are cleaned frequently. Please be considerate of the cars around you when using the toilets during a film.

Can I depart during a showing?

Unfortunately not. In order to not disrupt other guests and to provide a safe environment, you must stay in your car for the duration of the film. At the end of the screening, our stewards will direct guests out row by row. If there is an emergency, please get the attention of our stewards by placing your hazard lights on and we will assist you.

Will I need to show proof of age for film screenings?

Please be aware that all guests must adhere to the films certification set out by the British board of film certification as displayed on our website. Our stewards will check to make sure that all guests are the suitable age to see the film. Valid photo ID will be required. The following ID can be used as proof of age; passport, UK driving license or provisional driving license, VALIDATE UK citizen card. The film certification of each film is shown clearly on our website.

What do I do if I have a query, or an emergency?

Please place your hazard lights on to attract the attention of one of our stewards.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Well behaved dogs are allowed, however, they must remain in your pitch at all times.

Will there be alcohol at the event?

Alcohol will not be served at the event. It is strictly prohibited at the event. If you are found consuming alcohol you will be asked to leave.

Can I smoke at the event?

No. We have a strict no-smoking policy.


Will I be refunded if my screening is cancelled due to the virus?

In the event of cancellation due to the virus, we will offer a Covid Refund Guarantee, which means we will refund the face value of the tickets but not the booking fee. Refunds will be received within 14 days of the event date.

How will I get my ticket?

Your ticket will be emailed to you in advance by SEE tickets. However, entry will be via the car registration you entered when booking your tickets. So please ensure you arrive in the car stated when booking. This is to minimise contact with guests as much as possible. If you wish to attend in a different vehicle, please see below.

What time shall I arrive?

You can arrive 1 hour before the screening or performance starts. Do NOT arrive any earlier as you will be asked to leave and return once the doors are open.

Can I come in a different car/ change my car registration?

Yes. You must notify us if you wish to update your car registration. Please log into the Customer Service area here to amend your details. If you have any trouble, feel free to email us hello@flixdrivein.co.uk

Can I pre-book a specific parking space at the screening?

All private pitches are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. You will not be able to pre-select where to park your vehicle.

Can I book more than one screening on the same day?

Of course! You can book as many screenings as you would like. Please be aware that we will ask you to depart the site and return for the next screening, so that we can clean up in between.


We want everyone to enjoy our events and we have worked hard to design our events to follow government guidelines so please adhere to the following for everyone’s safety;

  • It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the contact details supplied when booking are correct, for track and trace purposes.
  • Stay in your allocated pitch, unless you need to use the toilet facilities or accompany your child to the toilet.
  • Do not come to the screening if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate by the track and trace team.
  • Respect the social distancing measures across the site.
  • Please wear PPE if you leave your vehicle to go to the toilet. Our stewards will be wearing PPE for the duration of your visit. At no point will they come into contact with guests. Ticket checking, parking and ordering food and drink will utilise contactless methods.
  • In you the event that you are feeling unwell or have an emergency, please place your hazard lights on to attract the attention of one of our stewards.


How do I order food?

Food and drink will be available to order on the day. You’ll be given instructions with how to order via your smart phone when you arrive at the event.

You’re welcome to bring along your own food and drink too, we won’t mind!

How will food and drink be delivered safely?

Food and drink will be delivered to each private pitch by stewards wearing PPE.  Your order should come with cutlery and napkins, however, if anything is missing, please pop your hazard lights on and a steward will come over to assist. Please don’t leave your pitch.

Do you have any allergen info?

Once our menus are live on our website, you’ll be able to see allergen info listed. If you have any specific questions, please email hello@flixdrivein.co.uk

Can we bring our own food and drink?

Yes feel free to bring your own nibbles! Remember, no alcohol.