Due to new Covid- 19 tier restrictions, our food caterers will not be serving at any screenings or performances after Christmas. Please feel free to bring along your own nibbles. Hot drinks and Flix Treat Selections will still be available to pre-order or order at the event.


Treat Selection


Festive Drinks – from £3.10

Barista Coffee/ Tea/ Hot Chocolate – from £1.30

Speciality Frappes- £3.05

Cold Drinks – from 90p

Snacks – from 65p

Ice Cream – 2 scoops £3/ 3 scoops £3.50


Treat Selection


Adult Christmas Treat Selection

1x Luxury Box, 1 x Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp, 1x Box of Celebrations, 2x San Pellegrino, 2x St Pierre Belgium Caramel Waffles, 1x Pringles, 1x Werther’s Original Toffees

Kids Christmas Treat Selection

1x Cadburys Christmas Selection Box, 1x Giant Tube of Smarties, 1x Candy Floss, 1x Maoam Pack, 2x Fruit Shoot, 2x Mega Rainbow Dust Straws, 1x Popcorn, 1x Millions, 1x Beef Space Raiders